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Reviews for "Confused Communication"


You rocks! I listned it more than 3000 times!This is the B E S T!!!!My girl loved it!

Mackity responds:

Thanks, I'm glad the both of ya'll enjoyed it.

throw some water on dis shit

cuz itz fiya nikka

Mackity responds:

Yo you already kno man, thanks.


You and every single R&B singer uses autotune now it almost becomes annoying. However! You didn't butcher it and your freestyle was really good. Making a note on the autotune, I was really happy to hear that it didn't overpower your voice to make you sound like a robot trying to sing. So keep up the good work, and your freestyle cause its working perfectly so far!

Mackity responds:

thanks alot lol almost thought i was gonna lose points :(

idk wat 2say..

yoda idea and song is hotbut it sounds aoe u crying maybe 2 much autotune mye idk i like it but not much a fan of da singin.. but hot concept doe.. and beat sick and lyrics hot but singin, idk... but kep it up..

Mackity responds:

lol i feel you but check this, RnB or anything close to it comin from me is made for females.. if males end up likin it thats cool but if not, i aint sweatin it long as the ladies aint complainin homie.

Feelin' It!

Yo! You sang it and the auto-tune was awesome! 5/5

Mackity responds:

Thanks alot yo, ain't nothin more awesome than those who listen and stop to leave a statement.