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Reviews for "Confused Communication"

This is awesome!


Mackity responds:



I felt soul when ya was singin, like you put a whole lotta work in it... you gots a good voice.... Good work...

Mackity responds:

I'm glad thats what you felt you, Real glad you enjoyed it.

You have got a talent!

Trust your own voice a bit more instead of destroying it with autotune.
Autotune is nice for some small effects but embedding your voice completely in it.
I a shame. I am curious how your voice is normally.
This effect takes away the power of your liyrics it has genuine emotions but the effect hasn't got that.
Instead it sounds mechanical none emotional electronic that is a shame.
If a want an electronic emotional mechanical gig i will buy wall-E and watch that.

I bet your voice pure would make this so much more powerfull!!!

Mackity responds:

Well you see. The reason I use autotune is cuz I don't like my voice without it.. I don't care what no one thinks bout it.. I mean I accept the positive but I brush off the negative... I make it for me and whoever else likes it the way I do.. hope you don't take that offensive but thats how it is lol.. I'm glad you think I got talent tho.. maybe someday my voice will develop or somethin lol neva know.

I don't know...

how long this song has been on the all-time top scoring list, but I'm not surprised it's there, this is such an epic song! I also don't know who would take you and the reapers' place if you all left cuz that would be quite a gap to fill. I gotta say this along with "Street Lights"(if that's the name, i know smurf did the beat) and of course "Now it's All on You" are my favorites thus far. Great stuff guys, and keep it up as always!

Mackity responds:

Lol damn bro, you kno how to make an artist feel like he the shit. Nah tho thanks alot for the review and shit.. The other song is called "Traffic Lights." But I made that same mistake before and I'm ON the song.. so Street Lights it is haha. We gonna keep it comin so keep on lookin forward to it. Thanks again yo.

Very peaceful and nice..

Its usally hard to find people who sing on their song great work 10/10 you really spent your time on making this you did great work nice job!

Mackity responds:

Thanks alot man. I'm glad you enjoyed it.