Reviews for "3D beginner's tutorial"

Nice Tutorial.

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thanks for the help

i didnt make a movie for the site yet, but i really want to
this might help me
i just looked through it
and i think it could work
ill try it someday

well, i still have to download the flash player and everything

dont wanna do it now, just hope it stays on
i give it a 5
this might help other ppl that goes to the site

Xtama responds:

Thank you for your support.

Not A Newground's Movie

OK that was POINTLESS, Sorry man it's just not a newgrounds kind of movie, its a tut not for newgrounds dude.

Also dude making a 3-D tut in Rhino really doesent matter it's the easiest 3-D App Program out there, Trust I know I have it along with 3-D Studio Max 6.

Rhinoceros is a very fun program and you sorta made it boring.

Xtama responds:

I'm sorry you feel that way, I didn't know rhino was so easy. It would be cool if you made a tutorial in Rhino also so people would have a choice. :-)

Anyway, i chose rhino cause it was the only one i knew had a small downloadable demo.


this definately puts a new perspective on how hard it is to make flash's

nice job

I've seen a couple of flash tutorials already, but not enough. This was good except for the green text that became unreadable in some frames. still, it was a good tutorial for beginners.