Reviews for "3D beginner's tutorial"


God i would love to see more of these! i hated having to learn Flash on my own... i might start making Tutorials...


Not Much To Say, Except Its Kinda... Sucked. I Like How Your Trying To Help People, But Try Adding A Back Button And Maybe A Better Song. Metal Rock, Fast-Paced Techno? Well Nice Try.

Wrong Place. Wasted Space

It's a nice thought of you to create a tutorial for people to learn how to make 3D but Newgrounds really isn't the place. The tutorial was also layed out poorly. The majority of kids here are people who can't even make stick figures move decently. The last thing I think most anyone would want is to see a bunch of high filesize 3D stick figures beating each other. If you really really felt like it's necessary to show a 3D tutorial, you should start with teaching the basics of modelling first. That way people can practice creating something decent before they go on to try to make it move. At least it'll ahve a bit of experience and effort behind it. Moreso than crashing cylinders into each other for a figure.

not bad

not bad for what it's supposed to be

Yet another poorly made tutorial

but it teaches something nothing else ever had. The tutorial itself was kind of ugly and poorly laid out but it makes up for it with uniqueness.