Reviews for "3D beginner's tutorial"


The information is excellent. However, because there are so many parts to this flash, you should have divided it like make one section dedicated to creating the character, than the background, importing to flash etc. Also some of the graphics are kind've assy. They don't have to be like Monet but they shouldn't be where all the writing looks like back hair.

Like I said, this is really informative and very helpful but its just so much information and not well organized.

woah this is good ty =D

i didnt liked the kind of reviews like squidbonk┬┤s one, cuz they think u were supposed to teach how to make advanced modelling, but it was just basic!!, and i thank u for givin us the url of an 3D program, cuz not all of us hav swift 3D (if u know if i can dl a free trial or sumthin of it i would appreciate it =D), so this tutorial is good, dont listen to the ppl who givs u low rating pnly cuz they hav swift 3D >=)
keep doing tutorials like this =D
ok farewell XD


not helpful for me at all. I have swift 3d. that's what most flash animators use for 3d. cos it's a flash add on :S. so I dont have that program, so ..... :|


good tutorial.
some people with flash problems should really have a look at this one.

Thank You!

Although your help seems to be un-appreciated due to it's score. Please don't feel down hearted! some of us , I am SURE , do appreciate this!