Reviews for "EgoCity Revelation P5"


That was nice, but I just don't get it.


i am gonna keep it simple this is the type of stuff that makes me want to do a action movie

not my kind o movie

dont get me wrong the graphics where awsome the sound was good , but it wasnt my type o movie , it got boring for me.

but still keep em bringin

Nicely Done But It's A RipOff...

You should of sticked with your own story line that you had going on. This time you did a nasty booboo and riped off kingdom hearts trailer. Maybe if you had said that this work was inspired by KH instead of giving them credit for just the song, it would of been much better. Anyways I gotta still give you props for animating close to what happends in KH.

LenZ responds:

Sorry for not putting the credits for "Kingdom Hearts-Deep Drive Trailer" up earlier. Anyway I'm starting to write my own original scripts for my later works.

awesome stuff there.

Although i havent seen any of the prior episodes, it was awesome as!!
There was heaps of action, and it was all extremely well drawn and animated.
All characters were drawn very well (including the enemies). Also, everything from the moving trains, to the slaughtering of the beasts was aniamted acceptionally well.
so well done with this mate. a very well made flash. keep up the excellent work
overall score: 8/10
(THE THUMB: V. UP!!!!!)