Reviews for "EgoCity Revelation P5"

Hurray for Kingdom Hearts!

Nice fight scene! Those monsters remind me of the Heartless. The voices are getting better too.


...Something with a bit of melancholy.

Well, normally I'd just look at something and go "HELL YEAH!" ... but in reality, you actually showed the pain of a person trying to do his job, even though he never wanted it in the first place. I know what that's like. 100% all the way.


i have added this artist to my favorites. :$

I love EgoCity!

This is without a doubt my favorite series on newgrounds! ^^ you have a wonderful story line going on, and such awesome art and graphics! I can't wait to see more from you! ^^ I love Scar. He is teh awesome.


Marvelously original story and art style, but the voice acting could use some work.