Reviews for "EgoCity Revelation P5"


a sword for with some shadow creasures, also thanxs for putting my poster in this moive


Everything around this flash movie is quite good. It is just not my flavor. I mostly overlook it. However, RH really loves your work so much. So, here is his review.

Note from Raccoon with A Hammer:

You're continuing with the Revelation series?! I'm impressed that you didn't forget about that. It's really a cool series! Well, I love the first part, because it copies that Sonic X episode. SWEET!1! This one focus less on action and more on drama. Whatever! It's still EgoCity Revelation and it's still kicks ass. Only giving high points because you're my favorite guy, with this and your website and all. What's not to love about you, beside making something stupid and unexpected? GOT IT? Good. Now, you'll be kicking ass and taking names!


that would've been way better if you just PLEASE got different people to do the voices. Everything except the voices was awesome, and it bugs me in all of your movies.


Wow that was very cool. I have not seen the other episode. Which suprises me because from what Ive seen this is a great series. The action was incredible I mean it was impresive enough that you actually used characters with bodies not jus sticks but what was even more impresive was the fight scene that thing was amazing it was so smooth and the action was just non-stop it just looked great what a great place to the sub-way was a perfect place. The graphics were great every thing looked really good. I really like the look of your characters. The sound was great its great to hear voice acting. This is just a solid flash everything was well done.

OVerall: Wow very cool 9


due you are awesome i love your style it kicks MAjor Ass and that is the sound of you going in my favorite artist!!