Reviews for "Themrock"

it was good.

i liked the dwarf guy..kool


it had good art, some humor, a little grunty gnome,...and cow trees.

Super graphics!

The graphics were beatiful, but in the first place i don't understand the plot and in the second place was it very boring..

damn, that was good.

apart from the fact that i didnt understand the plot, it was AMAZING!!! hahaha. the graphics were second to none, as was the animation. so music was excellent, and the sound effects were almost perfect.
overall, an amazingly well made movie, but i really didnt know what was going on! i mean:::
gnome (or dwarf) is sleeeping... gets awoken, sees a tree woman kind of thing.
walks along, makes a fire, obviously spends the night camping.
wakes up the next morning, and as hes walking, he meets a giant stone man, he seems hostile. The dwarf touches his hand, laughes, and walks off.
Dwarf comes to cave, where he see's a 'hero'. hero gives him a scroll that sais 'rent a hero', they then walk further into the cave, where they are met by a big monster...:::... end of episode.
now, is it just me, or does it not make much sence??? bah, apart from the plot, everything about the movie oozes with 'portal award'. lolol. so well done mate, an excellently made piece of work
overall score: 8.5/10

great graffics

Hey there... the second scene... moving from the trees from the ground is a little slow. i love your characters and scenery. good work for your first animation.