Reviews for "Themrock"

What a deight-fuly...

What a deighty-fuly serise we have coming our way! I am very excited about this one, out of all the serise I want this ranks the very top! Wonderful animation! With such fine detial I can see why it would take Quote:"it took blood and sweat" With a greatful plot see Authors comments! Ill be sure the one that will watch part 2 first! I thought they were going to have a show down but is changed with a nice little gesture!

Thxs XxkillerxX


The animation was flawless and the character design was excellent.

The dwarf reminds me of a gunner from warcraft.

The music was great and really made it come together and the whole atmosphere it projected was amazing. The effects were brilliant. Alot of work must have went searching for sounds because you had to that down PAT I wish I could give you a 11 for sound. The expressions on characters faces were realisticly drawn as well. Though I must admit the main characters yelling was abit...well annoying.

The storm was nicely done and the rain effects pulled off nicely as well.

You thrown in alot of cartoony and humor which made it all great.

Flawless job and I enjoy this work. Excellent job and I am looking foward to part 2.

Fackin' Sweet

I love the world he lives in!

Kinda ticked that my comp won't run it smoothly at high quality =/ but oh well.

The bits of humor are great (especially the scene with the rock golem or earth elemental or whatever that was... I loved that).

The characters are drawn great, the expressions are great, the sounds are great... if I have any complaints, it might just be about that scene where he's crossed the bridge and is walking down the road... I think that scene lasted just a little too long. Really a minor complaint though.

Oh, and I dunno why this stuck out to me, but the style that you drew the clouds in is very cool.

Can't wait for the next part!

a dwarf or lepricon?

Took a while before it got started... (slow intro) but it was worth the wait... nice backgrounds... great animating of the fire... looked realistic... kewl characters


Awesome! Everything is super great.. Only i dont know where its all about.. but its kewl!