Reviews for "Themrock"

Amazing Backgrounds!!!

This was very well done through and through, but what I loved the most was the attention to detail you placed on the backgrounds. Too many people overlook that and it is so imprtant. The only thing you could improve on is having more music in the background, just noticeable enough under the sound effects, which were also well done. It just appeared to me that some parts were slow but would have been fine with music involved. Anyways great job and keep it up!!!!

it was really good.

this flash was really good,i also like the part with th golum;}


Awesome. Loved it. Great visuals. Great shots. Great storytelling. I really didn't see amything I didn't like about this movie except that the story was kind of slow.

Nice Work

I thought you did a great job on the flash it had a very cool fairy tale feel to it with some great characters I truly believe you could go really far with this idea. The graphics were solid I loved the begining with the leaves that was well done. Another great part I liked was the Rock monster part not so much because it was a funny part but how you presented it I loved how you did the shadow affect then kinda made it seem like oh no this guy is going to get into a fight with this rock monster but then added that great humor with the rock paper scissors joke that was a great scene. I really liked the flash it had a great feel to it.

OVerall: Great Work 8

I loved the atmosphere

Great! I loved the way it reminded me of a fantasy type fairy tale, the landscapes were very well drawn i thought.
This is one of my favourite movies on newgrounds, well done.