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Reviews for "The Jetpack Escaper Caper"


Dude that was Kewl you made fun of bush,saddam,and osama no one wins in that situation. Nice part on our governer.

Great Job

Definitly more of a movie than an actual game, but who cares? It was awesome!


I can't beleive everyone's kept reviewing 'it's not a game!' - who cares! I love your animation, it's excellent, Bush is really well done (and damn how funny is that last dancing Bush!) The music is cool, the whole thing is really well done - good stuff. Saddam was awesome too, heh - that 'Hey Saddam, guesswho i am' was great!

Half Movie, Half Game

its good, but dont you think that the game is shorter than the movie part?

Stupid Americans

Strange how Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden have no affiliation at all, but i guess you Americans forget that with your hatred for Arabs and Muslims. Anyways the game was ok, graphics were good but it was way too short and easy. As ive said the graphics were excellent just concentrate more on the gameplay next time.