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Reviews for "The Jetpack Escaper Caper"

Perfect...so nearly perfect.

You created a beautiful story, interwoven with brilliant graphics, flawless sound, astounding animation and hilarious jokes.

Hopefully people won't forget that after playing the 'game'. Quite dissapointing really. I would have been more than pleased if you'd submitted this as a movie.

Oh and to all the morons who scored low because of the naked dancing CARTOON at the end, you're really, really sad.

Jetpacks? Works for me...

From a story's standpoint your work is very good. But how did they get the jetpacks in the first place? From an artistic point, your work is amazing. All hand-drawn characters, the lipsyncing is superb. The Sound is awesome. It's pretty short and easy, but fun never the less. Great work.

Jetpacks? Works for me...


Fuggin TEN , t-e-n... it was tropical, it was erotic, hell I still got wood..TEN!

to gay

Man i didnt want to see that ending.

Too gay for me man

I didn't mind the Osama and Saddam thing, but please no dancing naked guys, okat, thats just despicable.