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Reviews for "The Jetpack Escaper Caper"


wat the hell, normally a beating a game should get u reward, that was just awfull!
nice game though.and funny.

This was good!!!

I liked it. Graphics were good, but game wasn't that much of a fun, it was more movie that game.

Great Job!

Oh man that was so funny! I loved the begging when they had the puppet show and osama and saddam puppets were kidding that was histerical. The graphics were perfect for the type of the flash you were doin. I loved the faces on Bush and Blair they looked so dorky. The sound on the flash was great it had great voice acting and I loved that music you had in the beggining. The game play was perfect it wasn't so unbelievably hard game that you couldn't beat but it was enough that when you did beat it you felt like you accomplished something. The ending was great Bush dancing around naked I laughed so hard when I saw that. This was a very good flash.

Overall: Well Done 9

Rather funny with disturbing ending

This was a good game/movie but the ending was a little disturbing but also sorta funny. I guess everyone was expecting a girl, oh well you didn't say anything about it being female nudity anyways so people don't bother him about that. Glad he doesn't rule over my country but then again Canada's government is a piece of crap too. Democracy doesn't work dammit.


for those a55H0l35 who wote low for naked bush...well i pity you and america get rid of bush... and get black president...