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Reviews for "Carf-DragonFly [ext version]"


Great intro, reminds me a bit of some old Final Fantasy games, don't know if these games got you inspired though :p followed by a banging beat.
I love your stuff :D
Keep it up yo, I wonder what you made out of the collab, since the collab starter hasn't been online for a while T_T...

Whatever, 10/5, yay :D

Carf responds:

Thanks, well, basicly, my songs are always *somewhere* based on game music, but that is the result of being a gamer in heart and soul and having a weak for music in games... its not directly based on FF but indeed it should fit in a great RPG.

The collab is still up and running, I just recently made a new post in the threat to show the rest the progress that we made. At this very moment Kraving has got the leadline which is going to be the basic.
Will keep you up to date ;) and yes, its going to be a great song for sure!


Very Awesome hardstyle song ...
Cool kick ...awesome bassline..
This the new generation of hardstyle
( normal hardstyle is more deeper )

Carf responds:

Its carfstyle ;p. Yes its different, but that was my intension and I am glad that it gets a lot of positive attension which I really REALLY appricaite :).
Thanks for your kind words, my dream is to hear this track back in mysteryland next year.

i liek...

How it starts out all hard/heavy and gose soft and brings back the hard << sounds prev-y, owell..


Carf responds:

Thank you for your review :)

Insane Goodness!!!

An amazing blend of classic and hardstyle music. I simply love what you have made here and hope to see more and more from you!

Carf responds:

More willl come for sure, you only never know when with me ;)

pretty good

i like this song but it dosnt really mix with the badgers in the player tho...

Carf responds:

**note to self**
Punish the badgers for not dancing on sync with my song...\

Yo Biscut, thanks for your rev. Just to reveal a little secret, the animations are done by NG themself, not by us audio artist... so yes it could be that the system does not match a song completely... buuuut it is just for fun, if my creativity only let me create twirling waves and dancing badgers I would seriously consider deleting my account and sign up to a website dedicated to badgers...

Maybe Tom or Wade does know how trained them?
Any one? What todo with the Badgers who refuse to dance?