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Reviews for "Carf-DragonFly [ext version]"

"Hardstyle my style everywhere i go"

Hard style would never die!!!!, keep going toward the bits and crazy metalic giutar.

Carf responds:

Crazy metal? Nah, maybe for listening, not for creation ;)

I liked it.

I really like how you did this one. Both the classical and trance-like portions were quite good, and I especially liked the transitions. The strings seemed to sit nicely underneath the synths. B-b-b-b-BASS. Nicely done, sir. (Madam?)

Carf responds:

Sir it is ;0.
Thanks for your rev, always like to hear what other people like and dislike about it. Better then the standard **I rly liek thzz trax!!1** No offence to that but still...it doesn't help me finding out what people are looking for.

Anyways, lots of experiments done in this track, althrough the strings can be MORE orchestral then they are now...I just like to hear an explosion of srings. But maybe I will come up with a remix later this year ;)

Love the song

Very good and unique. Loved the strings part and how you eventually sort of blended them both together near the end. Very good!! Just a touch more blending of the strings and techno for a grand finale and it would have been perfect!

Carf responds:

Thank you for your kind words. it was a very nice experiment and I hope to do some more in the future. BUUUUT a remix will come up one of these days, still had to much idea's to leave it as it is now.

cool mix

kinda gave me a gaming role playing feel like somein ouuta zelda but it was still entertaining

Carf responds:

Well an RPG with Hardstyle would not be a bad idea ;0.
Thanks for the rev, its very much appreciated.

Good song.

A well mixed and great song. Only thing that bothers me a little is it has elements of trance in it, but I wouldn't list it as a trance song. Other than that, absolutely amazing.

Carf responds:

Yeah yeah... not trance... I know... blaim Newgrounds... but the ongoing debat of trance, not trance is not the issue, you left something because you liked my track and I like that so, a huggle out of Amsterdam ;)