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Reviews for "Carf-DragonFly [ext version]"

Really well done

So this was really well done you have some very sharp quality about this I thaught adding more build up and a little bit of fade out might fit well on this lovely piece you really presented a beautiful and smooth piece here just would love more intense build up and some light fade out but overall this was great and really enjoyed it for what it is a solid piece of sound here hope you keep that up in future stuff

Some light fading then some intense build up



I'll give you a nine out of ten cause this not one of your best songs ,but I really can't complain cause it's still amazing and I hope to at lease make great song s like you but check out some of mine and please review them with constructive criticism and keep up the excellent work!
~Oh right~


ok first of all i dont listen to rave/techno or watevr u want to call it alot, mostly bcuz i am a metalhead if u had to classify my musical intrests; but i will say that this genre of music is my 3rd or 4th fav, so i have listend more than wat u may think.

but, i rate this a 9/10 bcuz i see wat the author was going for musically, and i believe that worked out very well, tho, i wish my left speaker worked, bcuz im sure it wouldve sounded better.

nxt time tho try to put in less noticable loops, but love that classical instrumental part u fitted in, very nice, lol my band does the same thing while working on songs, always looking for the unexspected in music.

keep up the good work!!!

Carf responds:

Oi FGH! Thanks for your lovely review :0. I believe that you indeed hit the right spot in everything you write down ;).

Although people won't say it if they see me IRL, I like almost every kind of music, and besides trance and shizzle, rock is second on my list, but the only reason why I don't make it, is simply because I am digital and digital rock just sucks unless its 8bit ;).

Keep up the creativity, peeps like you are the reason why I love NG that much. Maybe we would have ignored one another on the street but here we all come together to celebrate one thing, the love for music.

pretty good

i like this song but it dosnt really mix with the badgers in the player tho...

Carf responds:

**note to self**
Punish the badgers for not dancing on sync with my song...\

Yo Biscut, thanks for your rev. Just to reveal a little secret, the animations are done by NG themself, not by us audio artist... so yes it could be that the system does not match a song completely... buuuut it is just for fun, if my creativity only let me create twirling waves and dancing badgers I would seriously consider deleting my account and sign up to a website dedicated to badgers...

Maybe Tom or Wade does know how trained them?
Any one? What todo with the Badgers who refuse to dance?


This has nothing to do with Trance though, Hardstyle is a whole different music style, as Hardstyle has the insane bass in it, which Trance almost never has.. They probably didn't add Hardstyle to the choice list yet though, so I guess it's ok, although the song type is a bit misleading. The song itself is mastered very well, even though I'm not a fan of this type of music, I still think you did a good job on it.

Carf responds:

Sadly there is STILL no Hardstyle/Hardcore or just...harder variaties of trance available as a Genre on NG... its a pitty, but you found it :0.

Although I still dont like the final mix, I am happy that most of the people like the song and especially the idea of it :). Which makes me really happy.
Concider this a 0.5 version, as soon I got the time I will fix a better one ;()