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Reviews for "These mistakes (Remastered)"


I lost all my music i downloaded from Newground's and didn't have this song backed up.....
This song is so good I have been looking for it for 5 hours...
I couldn't remember your user name or the name of the song
I could just remember the sound of one of the most beautiful tracks to have come across Newgrounds

DJ Bliss


You are my favorite artist on this damn site. :D keep it up and never stop blaring the beats!


So I've been lurking for quite a while now and finally decided to make an account just so I can write a review.

This song is my absolute favorite, it has everything; emotion, beauty and of course it's very catchy. The first time I heard this song was on my friend's iPod while we were walking in the snow so now, every time I listen to it I am transported back into that moment. So for me, your music is not just music, it's also a way to remember. I listen to this song and I can feel the chill of winter, I can smell the snow and I can see the snow gently descending. Everyone of your songs has a certain memory attached to it so all I have to do is listen and remember.

I want to thank you for all of this exquisite music, and I hope you never stop composing. You have what most people don't, natural talent, and you should never stop using it.

Your songs have helped through a lot of bad times and I have never loved any music as much as I love yours.

Thanks again,



I dont think i can even describe the feeling this song gives me.
It sends me to another place, a place where i can see the beautiful side to life.
I deeply thank you, its simply stunning.
As soon as this song comes onto my play list i have to crank up the volume and just blow my mind away.


its songs like this that make you wish 3-4 mins was aloooooot longer.


I don't want to say this song kind of helped me piece together parts of my life...

but it did.

I owe you one.