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Reviews for "These mistakes (Remastered)"

Wow. I love it!

I love the effect the speaker gave, and the drums were epic.

Story Instead of a Review

OK, so maybe a review. Found the story is a bit too long, so I'll have to post it in my profile, however, its the same character this song inspires. This remastering is as perfect as the first time around, Gandalf quote and all. Be sure to check out my profile for the story, its a doozy!

You left me with my jaw on the floor!

I got back from a really boring/crappy day and I just took a peak at your profile and what did I see? A remastered version of one of my favorite songs on Newgrounds!? This just made my day, really I thank you for this! This remastered version is much better than the original, the clean up at the part where the man speaks is just perfect (I can understand him now!!!). Other than that the glitch drums are just... awesome as usual! I would say that they are your main strengths, but heck everything you make sounds great so... I have no idea why I'm even posting anything! I seem to have boosted your ego by +20

The best has gotten better

This is your most recognizable and best piece of work on this website and every time I come back and listen to it, it amazes me. I'm at a loss for words right now because this is so great. This is truly top notch. I don't know if you'll ever make something as moving as this piece. Excellent.

Even better than before..

But naturally, I'm sure you expected to hear that title for a review.

Awesome - again.