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Reviews for "These mistakes (Remastered)"


This song it's really amazing, you have an incredible talent to find the perect balance between the calm rithms and the crazy breakbeats.

first things first. . .

this is actually my first review, and actually i'm surprised that i'm doing this for any song at all. you wouldn't think a song with this type of quality would even be on here. i mean, hey i'd look at some stuff this site has and think,"wow this is stupid but hilarious!" and zone out, but this song actually made me think. it made me feel. at first i was confused. then i realized i was happy. . . or was it relieved? anyway,I first went to the DnB section and saw a song by mastah nubbin here and i listened... and listened ... and realized this guy has passion for his music. i would say that there are people who are born with talent and people who take lessons to be just as good if not better. nubbin, man you have honestly have natural talent my friend... which is impressive to me. we need more like you. P.S. downloading... ding! time for a good day. . .

this is...

beautiful :')

Epic song

Just wondering is the melody acaga acaga acag e g d g c?


This has to be the best thing I have ever heard in my life. I downloaded this and then lost it and have spent about 3 days trying to find it. I even made an account to review it. What can i say? You have a talent.. Love the beats and just everything about it. INCREDIBLE and BEAUTIFUL. :) x