Reviews for "Bob the Ball - Episode 2"

Bob, GREAT name!!!

So original, BOB THE BALL!!!!
positive:great story, very original, extremely funny, and fun to watch, the whole slideshow type presentation gives it that er ..feling....thing,and the voice acting=SUPERB!
negative:it was a bit long...............but i still watched it all!!!!!!!!!1

Bob 2 is better than the original

This is a GREAT cartoon with a unique style. Simply put. It is a suprise that you did this with models and not flash.


Sweet movie, unique style that came together with a funny idea to create good stuff.


HILARIOUS, That was so funny Zombie Nazi Pirates them bastards and the t-rexes with hats this is proably one of the most creative movies ive ever saw keep 'em coming.

Bob the Ball is good.

Kudos to the Safety Song....good toon.
bad pun. keep on truckin.