Reviews for "Bob the Ball - Episode 2"


At the beginning, this was even better than the first, but then it ran on too long and got somewhat boring

mlaskaris responds:

I admit it got a little long. You don't really know how long they're going to be until you record the narration, though (shrugs).



This was the best. Better then the first one. Make a third... now!

Nonsense made funny

This is a very comical movie. Most of the plot makes absoutly no sense but that adds to the laughs. Great job on this one. A must see.

I will never go near a sewer again!!!

That was brilliant. I mean who else would think of a giant man eating lesbian living in a sewer! And you also taught all the kids out there about the importance of history and kicking dinosaur ass in a giant battle robots. you also fitted in police brutality. All in all coimplete genius.
Ilook forward to your future works and hope that they will be as funny as this!!!


That flash is the shiznit!! It's odd how simple objects can be so cool, violent, and hilarious!!