Reviews for "Bob the Ball - Episode 2"

Even funnier then the first one. Oh man 9 years later and this movie still remians to be a fucking masterpiece. If only there will be an episode 3 some day. For now though this will always remain a Newgorunds classic in my heart.

Awesome! Brings me back to the first time I saw it forever ago. The completely random nature makes it hilarious :D


I knew Officer Dave was going to beat the crap out of at least one person in this. This wasn't as good as the first one, probably because of the villians. Then again, we did see a Nazi Pirate come back. I simply adore the animation in this. Everything looks so wonderful and you never lose that innocent tone even as more deranged things show up. I guess the dinosaurs were supposed to be zombies as well. I think the funniest part was when Billy mentioned the battle mech was their natural enemy.

I could have sworn the bum was going to bite the dust. Bob himself didn't seem too active in this. What really made it all work was the fantastic animation, which really does make it look like it came from a high quality children's book. It's too bad no more episodes were submitted. This was still a great series while it lasted. I also love how stupid Billy sounds, especially when he's running in circles.


giant lesbian hahaaha

watch for the giant lesbian...

Fuckin love this shit.... episode 3 please