Reviews for "The Simple"

ohhhh wow

yes so simple and so perfect in impact i love this

A ghost in the shell.....

A mind that inhabits a new body.... some what of a divine force of nature.
Emotion, human?
No it's evolution.
As we slave day in and night out.....

love it :D

great art fav'd !

xTY3x responds:

thanks man.

This is art.

I find this to be a well example of today's World.People are mere robots,all the same,few people are themselves.The use of the "copy paste" robots was a very nice way to show that and it wouldn't make much sense to make every robot diferent like someone said below.No one would mass produce something to change it every second.
Keep up the good work.

xTY3x responds:

thank you. i think a message is the difference between art and mere illustration.


This art... moves me. Love it! THank you for sharing :) fav'd it

xTY3x responds:

no, thank YOU.