Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

i like it

i like the idea of a sprite survivor keep up the good work now go make the next one or i'll backhand you

Hell-Fire responds:

good to hear but u didn't vote. thanks neway 4 the review though

its me again

i needed 2 tell u that my yahoo and crap is being gay, so talk 2 my from my sn on aim, if u have , hopefully, if u dont then ill review on another thing 2 tell u other crap on what im gonna try and do

Hell-Fire responds:

no aim. do u have msn. Or atleast hotmail. ah well, wat u gonna try to do?

dam good

great moive BUT Y NO LINK lol or sonic come on man lol

Hell-Fire responds:

yeah maybe later in the series

Good Start

I think this is a good start. Keep up the good work Hell-Fire!

Even now I'm surprised Sukoden characters were in this.