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Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

Great series, but sadly...

I dont't know who most of the people are. I've never played final fantasy, crono trigger, bassicly The only people I know are Bub, Mario, Sailor Moon, and I think one more. I THINK the votings over, but I would vote Simone and Ryu .

vote off

simone and ryu


thats the best flash ever(but the other parts are better) i have 1 thing 2 say though ,those 'bats' were actually birds

Very solid

This was quite a fun flash to watch. The storyline was really enjoyable, the music and the sound were really good, plus the graphics alongside the sprites were quite good as well. Only a couple concerns from me though. I can tell that this hasn't been tapped to its fullest potential yet, there's a lot you can do it make it even better. Plus, Cecil can't do black magic last time I checked, let's try to keep it factual :)


Legendary series, but if you ever do bats again, remove the beaks, then they'll look less like pigeons :p