Reviews for "super sentai kairangers"


Great! I wacthed a again cause I loved the song! Hope this turns into a series on Newgrounds cause it looks like a great idea. Voted 5!

this is bomb

i dont like power rangers they do suck but u shudmake a series out of it u got some good drawing skills so keep on working ur hardest and get a episode out

This is crap!

Power rangers is stupid by itself, and this just made it even worse. It doesn't make any sense, their just jumping around in bad poses, with a song that doesn't fit anything. Like most anime movies.

Pretty good.

The mini slide show at the start turned me off but after the short slide show the flash began to pick up pace.

This movie deserves a much higher score than it has gotten and your art looks great.

Just learn how to compress your movies better and you can cut down on file size.

Maybe you can use symobols,movie clips,stream the audio and house the movie into a clip and you cut down the file size in some ways.

Anyway,Good job on your submission. you have a lotta potential in your flash work.


I really don't get it.