Reviews for "super sentai kairangers"


M4k3 5um b337r Fl4sh n00b!!!


I can tell this is a tribute to the Japanese Power Rangers. The music was stolen from an Arrogancy trailer someone sent in which was stolen from a Digimon show.

Japanese Power Rangers?

And you only included the intro, probably which you did nothing of? No animation at all? AND IN JAPANESE? How many people on NG speak Japanese?
Congratulations, you suck donkey balls.

what happened?

did u make this in 30 seconds or sumtin? ur first flash makes this one look like Red Frog (GOD DAMN I WANT THAT ONE TO DIE!)

you did it once again

this was just as great as the PPG one, kep maikng more qaulity entries and you'll be great in no time. I like these and like is aid before I'm not really a big fan of Japanime. great job duuude.