Reviews for "super sentai kairangers"

((( COOL BUT..... )))

This was cool but the sizw was way up, there, it was cool to see and had great possibilities, it just needs to be bruaght down cause the movie turned out to be a short one, but i still enjoyed it, hope to see more soon...


A nice tribute to Super Sentai

It looks like it could make an interesting fan-series. I personally would've liked a romaji transliteration along with the english translation, but that's just my opinion :P

It looks like you could've compressed some things, like the music. I don't really think it should take 5 MB to show a 1 minute movie.

A sequel (or like... an actual episode ;P) would be nice, but since this was apparently made a couple of years ago (especially since the intro only goes up to Hurricanger (2002)), I guess it's not likely.

(By the way, does anyone know what the first kanji says? I have no idea.)

i dont know if any one eles noticed but....

its the frikkin power rangers?!

Could have been better,

if it was a series...


suits could have ben better but grate anywhys make a series