Reviews for "USS Enterprise Two"

Good Stuff

One of the better games on newgrounds! The only thing I can't figure out is the transporter code. I fugured out everything else I think. Getting to beat Micheal's ass was an added bonus!

Nice Job!


I just played this game 4 times, and laughed my ass off in each game! All I can say is: MAKE ANOTHER ONE SOON!!!!!!!!


make it less serious but more fun. its still great


Hey do you have something against Commander Riker?

Ive played both. I got my dude laid by the doctor! Nice boob work. Oh and Trois nakedness is nice, too!! I know that sounds weird coming from a girl, but you know, whatever. Anyways, AWSOME!! I copied down all the codes and did different things, im afraid to fuck around with Wesley though, i dont wanna die. I hate dying lol. Rikers a stupid bitch! And i stole the klingons knife and i punched Geordi in the face! Umm i rambled on too much.. but GOOD FUCKING ASS JOB MAN!!

not bad but not great

I keep getting stuck in engenearing