Reviews for "USS Enterprise Two"

too damn hard. what's the use of the dodge button if there is no indication of an incoming punch?

Could be better

Got stuck in engineering and couldnt get out of it and your help hints didnt work. No matter how I entered Geordi's name it never worked on the computer so i had to give you poor ratings.

JeremyLokken responds:

I made a guide for it here: http://www.rainbowanimations.com/guide.html


when I first played it, it worked fine, but now I'm trying it months later and glitches make it so I can't beat it. Fix it please.

sense of humur

Note: Weather fans of the series or not it doesn't matter. It's fucking funny as hell, a classic Star trek parody.

Fuck off trekkies get a sense of humur, it's just a game. It doesn't matter weather or not you like the series get a sense of humur. Good work.