Reviews for "NGBG: Grime vs Sqeezy"


First off, battle 1 sux, enough said. Battle 2, on the other hand, was great. Perfect! You did a good job relating the fighting to the song (I couldn't hear the song, if there was one, in battle 1). I didn't like the ending all too much, but other then that is was great.


good as always :)

very nice!

seems like squeezy has much to learn, but LUIS UR A PRO!!!!!! your fighting sequences r amazing.. far more amazing then just showing a frame with squeezy punching the crime.. (squeezy) well sry if i was harsh :) bye

Great Timing

wow the best part about this movie was the timing to battle 2. punching was perfectly in time with the downbeats, very very nice. Graphics looked pretty good on both, better on battle 2.

perhaps i'm a late reviewer...

but it doesn't mean i don't have to review...Cuz this flash is...GREAT!Luis u prove it again...And did Tim worked on it too?I know u won't answer but i can try...*sigh*