Reviews for "NGBG: Grime vs Sqeezy"

one of the best

be lucky my young one for i realy give out fives or tens to mvovies. but this deserves it. great job.


Both movies were awesome although I preferred Luis's a bit more. (sorry Tim)

I just really lloved the way it was more of a story and actually had some nice jokes in it. Also, the photoshopped backgrounds were awesome.

Tim's effort is still above my own standards and I loved the bit with the monkey. The ending was fairly amusing too, in it's own way.

A great start to what will hopefully be a long-standing NG tradition.

Pretty cool.

I'd say it was an interesting and creative premise to feature two different artists. Great job.


Great fight sequences, cool characters, especially the 2nd dude, and bethoven virus was a mint choice for music

Two Battles, One Movie, & A Great Way To Show Off

The battles were both put together very well for each one went with the flow of the music to make the action more energetic. The first movie went well but the second movie found a better approach to increase action and make the person watching more interested with the battle as it lasted longer and more suspenseful than the first one. Good job guys and I hope to see more things from you two in the future.