Reviews for "NGBG: Grime vs Sqeezy"

good animation email me to give me tips

great music to add to that

Sweet animation

This is better than the crap you see on Cartoon network. The second fight was better.

pretty cool

The first battle wasnt really a battle, he didnt fight bak.

>> Excellent battles!

Excellent work guys - truly some powerful and slick animation from both parties. Although I enjoyed battle 1 more, both have unique touches that make you want to keep watching them over.

Love the way the music suits the atmosphere you're trying to portray in both battles, good work!

Graphics: Excellent in both cases, unique touches that give the artists credit.
Sound: Lovely, works well to keep in time with the action on screen.
Style: Unfaulted, truly very unique to each artist.
Violence: Powerful stuff, works well and I enjoyed the scenes that use these levels of violence.

Excellent work, keep up the good flash!
~ jb

really good

the battle where gimmy wins was by far better than the other