Reviews for "~Mortal Kombat Remix~"


At the beginning the synth sounds a little cramped, or damp. but anyway, GOOD JOB!

Assios responds:


Musta taken u forever

If you made it longer it would be cool, but im not saying its bad. One of the best remixes ive heard from MK. I used it on a youtube vid sry:P. Gave newgrounds credit though. (youtube vid name: Starcraft mapmaking tutorial 1)

Assios responds:

Thanks ;) It would be nice if you could link directly to this song, instead of just Newgrounds.com

Don't add voice..

The origional never had voice and if it aint broke don't fix it, love this though, I think it's one of the very few pieces you can get away with almost no matter how it sounds, but this sounds gret ;)

Assios responds:

Thanks for your review :)


would be better if it had voice 2 it but other then that its very very good this is going on my mp3 player for sure

Assios responds:

Thank you ^^,

say no!

ya i wouldnt add voice to this
it wouldnt be much of a remix if u did
the base seems kinda dull to me like a lukewarm thud but its prolly just me
also it would be nice if the final for this was a long song but that would just be extra work for u lol

Assios responds:

Thanks for your review. I agree with you, it wouldnt be much of a remix if I added voice ;)