Reviews for "~Mortal Kombat Remix~"


Very good beat. I enjoyed the opening piano. Wish it was longer.

Assios responds:

Thank you :)


A very nice remix of the famous Mortal Kombat theme.

The intro/outro with the piano was very nice. At first I hoped to hear the theme played on a single piano. Would have been interesting, too I guess. ^^
But I also liked when the other instruments and beats set in. The transition is done very well.

Only thing is that the bass stood out a little too much. It overpowers the other melodies in this track by far, so that it's a bit hard to listen to them.

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Assios responds:

Thanks for the review :D I like bass with power:P


I liked the piano piece in the beginning. The drum parts seemed to accompany well. Maybe add a little more to it, yeah. The fading out in the end, and the crescendo in the beginning almost made it like a loop. It was a well made remix, however I'm not too familiar with the MK theme. But it could be a little longer.


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Assios responds:

Thanks. I think I'll make it longer someday.

Well worked

This remix has got a nice layout to it. You've added a nice beat to the piano track, but there are two things I would change - make the piano longer and add more too it for one, it's such a nice piece of paino, why wouldn't you want to extend it?!

The other is just to tone the bass down just a little, as it's a little too powerful for my liking, when compared to the softness of the piano.

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Assios responds:

Thanks for the review! :D

Nice beat...

It started very trancy, then...slowly.....PICKED UP THE PACE!!! I liked it alot! Please continue making remixes like this as you are very good at them....


Assios responds:

Thanks :) I will continue