Reviews for "~Mortal Kombat Remix~"

Mortal Kombat

Well this is a mix like its got trance and Mortal Kombat and its works.

Well its is quiet to start with then ,it gets groovy with a more frantic beat. I love the remix im not familiar with, the Mortal Kombat tune, so i dont know what to expect. This is cool. The sound is fast and fun the beat has, got some brilliant piano parts. The sound is great with trance. The sound is a cool fix of funky grooves, how can you say no to this.?

No problems really maybe not perfect the slight, low volume makes me think. I got a problem with my sound litlte short.

Ovreal a wicked remix

review request club.

Assios responds:

Thank you!

haha nice

at te beginning i was like wtf this isnt mortal kombat but then it started and i was feling all nostalgic. ive always loved the music in MK so i enjoyed this.

i feel i could have been a bit more hectic with more layers though. although the ending was very nice an i liked thes simple, yet effective drums.




Assios responds:


ready, FIGHT!!

i was hoping it would continue, to that infamous point where it gets quite hectic.
never mind..
it was still really good, i enjoyed it.
although must say piano was perfect.


Assios responds:

Thanks;) I didn't want to use that part, cause I like the first part of the MK theme best.

the beat is infectious

awesome, i liked the combination of quiet sounds and louder snapping sounds, good job make more soon

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Assios responds:

Thanks for your review. I will make more ;)

sweet remake

No lyrics
paino and soft sounds only
This is fucking amazing


Assios responds:

Thank you:D