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Reviews for "Final Fantasy A+"

I first saw this flash video back in 2004 not too long after it had originally been posted. Seeing as that was 10 years ago, I'll admit I was pretty young... 12 to be exact. But from the moment I saw this, I knew I had to learn Japanese and one day be able to fully understand everything the characters are saying.

Well, buddy, today was that day. I graduated in May from a 4 year University with a major in International Studies and a minor in, you guessed it, Japanese. I spent a 4 month study abroad semester at Kwansei Gakuin Daigaku and have been learning Japanese since 2010. I just wanted to let you know that your flash movie not only provided me with countless hours of enjoyment over the years, but it also greatly impacted my very life course. I'm kind of tearing up as I write this, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this flash movie. It inspired me to leave a town of 4,000 people, learn a foreign language and become a citizen of the world. At this moment I am an english teacher in Taipei, Taiwan living with my girlfriend (whom I met in Japan) and plan on moving to Japan next year to teach English there. So again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Also, I'm proud that I could realize one of my childhood dreams of understanding this movie. And as for the movie itself? It's a flawlessly executed 10/10.

'Til Next Time!-----------------------------------Shadow-Fox-Ninja!

this video was so funny and confusing why i the main character is fighting homework and the bahumut is the seni-final lol great job with this video

This is by far the greatest movie I have ever seen posted onto Newgrounds. 5/5 A+

I hope you got 100%. Amazing stuff.

Wonderfull, puting this much effort into an assignment. I wish that i were half the try-hard you are.