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Reviews for "Final Fantasy A+"

Holy shit man this is good

out of all the stuff on NG this is my fav you have to make more!!!! by the way the talking in japanese part was cool, do it again

The best flash ive ever seen

omfg ur the best flashy maker person ever i mean seriously no one is even as near as good as u.


This is Great, The best part is the music.

This flash is great. Bieng a huge final fantasy fan myself, I loved this. This is hilarious. Bringing Final Fantasy characters to battle schoolwork, and a pop quiz. It's a very acurate representation of the game too. The fighter did most of the damage, The black mage was useful sometimes, and the white mage dies way too easily. I loved it. I think any FF fan with a sense of humor would.

All my 5 r belong to this! :D

If only school in reality could be as entertaining as this...

This is awesome!

I could understand much of the Japanese! (I'm studying now, so...)

This was very cool. I was beaming like an idiot the whole time!