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Reviews for "Final Fantasy A+"


This was great! You truly deserved this 10! I havent seen such great work for a long time..really really good. Just perfect.
And the way it still had the essence of FF..
Made me laugh several times... :) Keep it up.


Best flash I've seen. This is probably the 10th time I've seen it already! It's hard to tell if it's a flash, or a chibi anime. If I could give you more than 10, I would. You are the greatest flash artist I know. I bet you difinately got an A+ in your japanese final!


you're very good at japanese. everything was pretty fluent. and it was pretty damn funny. graphics were real nice too. I'd die to be able to make flashes like this


One of the best I've seen ever

Seen this movie like 10 times and it never loses its appeal. Everything about it was plain perfect... except for the sparkly sound for Atticus's glowing eyes, didn't like it much. It's super hilarious too ^^

It should take BunnyKill's spot for 2nd place i think.


I like this flash a lot it is easily one of my favorites the graphics and style it is presented in is awesome and the concept is creative.

And to tomcat the us isnt as great as most americans portray it to be and you may not know its true but any other american with good sense does