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Reviews for "Final Fantasy A+"

An excellent animation for FF fans. Especially old school.

I have been on and off Newgrounds for years, making multiple new accounts because im keep forgetting log in details, but i always come back to this animation. It always makes me laugh and insprired me in a lot of ways to get into animation and learning Japanase myself. This will forever be A+

This has aged really well. It's amazing what you could do back in the day... I'm sure it inspired a lot of kids to do the same!

Very impressive that it took 2-3 weeks to make 11 minutes worth of animation, because this is good.

It takes me 2 months to make 5 minutes worth of animation and those animations aren’t even as good as this. So I’m impressed.


Ohhh.. So this is when I started the indoctrination to sub anime.... A++