Reviews for "X.-Assyria-."


Theres probably 1 song out there that i can say i would give higher marks to but as a rather audio portal lover this is a very nice song i look forward to what else u submit and as to previous things though this is probably as far away from assyrians as you can get but anyhow great song and kudos to you I did not find any flaws with your technique and everything in my opinion is on par.

XenoxX responds:

I don't even know what the name means lol I just picked a random word I see!!!

Thanks for the review And thanks for the You tube Video:)!!!

sounds great

a master piece!!!!

everything matches!!!
like the piano most ;-D

XenoxX responds:

I like the piano most too lol!!! Thanks for the review!!!!!

Musical Excellence

Easily one of the best songs on here. And with so much competition its hard for me to say that

XenoxX responds:

WOOT Thanks for the review!!!!

Dude I really like this

but. what does it have to do with Assyria or Assyrians?

XenoxX responds:

noting man lol Random name lol!! Thanks for the review!

i love it

The best song ever, i realy like the sound of the piano and the drum& bass

XenoxX responds:

Really The Best!!!!!!!! THANKS :) !!!!