Reviews for "X.-Assyria-."


Makes me stand up and dance, loved it. Make more!!!

Pretty good...

...but I agree with Talik13, this would've been awesome if the bass drum wasn't so loud.

Cool, But...

But it would have been nice if you toned down the bass a bit. its kinda distracting from the EPICNESS of the rest of the song ^_^

this was a awsome song keep up the good work

awsome song i love it keep up the good work man ,pluse its catchy

very nice

In my years of Newgrounding, this is my first time checking out the Audio Portal. The first few songs I've listened to have been very so-so, but THIS song alone has peaked my interest in the audio portal again. great job (especially around 1:20), awesome beat, keep it up man

XenoxX responds:

Thanks And I am glad I helped you find interest in the AP!!!!