Reviews for "X.-Assyria-."


Wow, 3 top 30 songs, i envy you =(

Great song man! really nice work on it, the transissions are real clean and the song with them =] great!

and one thing, maybe you could come check me out someday man =] im sure your kindaaaaaa busy but if you have the extra time ^_^


XenoxX responds:

lol I just was on your music lol And i have 4 on top 30 :P:D:D which made me very happy lol!!!! And I will be sure to do some reviewing on you music :P... Thanks for the review!!!


This better get to top 5! .. and I can five all day!

I really liked it. Better than anything I will ever make xD

XenoxX responds:

lol Never say stuff like that always thin positive!!! Thanks for the review!!!!!!!

nice keep up the work

really keep it up!

XenoxX responds:

I will lol Thanks for the review!!!!!!!


The piano wasn't used too often in this song except near the end. But it was great there too.

NEED MOAR PIANO, but still, I can't base all your songs off of your piano ability.
So I'll still give you a 5. :)

XenoxX responds:

lol I love piano too lol Thanks for the review!!!!!!!!!

wha is assyria?

ehhh who cares the song is perfect

XenoxX responds:

No clue random word lol!!! Thanks for the review!!