Reviews for "Castle of Tears: Bloodlines"

I suck at summaries :D

I don't have any criticism for you, only compliments.

I never played the game, or heard any songs of it,but whatever.

You used a lot of different instruments and layered them all nice. Lots of melodies going on, without getting chaotic, good job.

I like how you have classic styled parts but also dance-y parts, you mixed them up nice.

I think this track has potential to reach next weeks top5, though there may be other good songs to be submitted... who knows...

you deserve: my 5 and my 10.
(I should be a little harder on review scores, I give too many tens :p)

Keep it up,


NemesisTheory responds:


You can check out the original on sites like youtube, it's 8bit stuff really but it's such an amazing melody that it feels nostalgic even if you didn't play the game.

(Ooh, before I forget: The original is called Bloody Tears and it's from Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest!)

Thanks, I love mixing styles in remixes, keeps things interesting. I wouldn't want a 7minute+ song to get stale, which honestly the original COT did IMO.

Thanks a ton for the 5 and 10, and don't worry about it! People love 10's XD

Thanks for the review!

What can I say?

Good song made better!

Very damn fun to play in AudioSurf (In which I hold the records to most of your new songs). Sorry for the fanboyism.

Great job. Took a while to load though. These connections in Finland are apeshit compared to their American cousins.


NemesisTheory responds:

What's audiosurf? I guess I have something to google in a moment lol! :p And I guess you must be pretty good then :)

Thanks, and really? that's pretty bad then :(
but hey, we have enough time right? :P

Thanks for the review, Mazzie. :D


Even better then the original and even the original was awsome

Nice song.

Awesome. Good job on this one. It's long and sounds really good.
I really like CV games, too.
But, though the song is named Bloodlines, this is a remix of Bloody Tears, not Richter's theme, Bloodlines. Isn't it? XD

NemesisTheory responds:

haha yes, the original mix of this song is called 'castle of tears'... but since I couldn't update that song anymore a little subtitle had to be added, figured this would fit the bill for castlevania. :)

just consider this Castle of Tears 1.5. XD

and thank you <3

FUC... can i say that... mmm

thia song is pure epicness though listemning to it i thought that the last 2 minutes of the song couldve been a completly different ahh but what do i know... not much... BTW if you could msg me what music program do you use... i use Cubase SX (in case you were wondering)

NemesisTheory responds:

thanks, and yes, the last two minutes could've been a remix on it's own, but we felt adding it would give it a certain edge or something XD

I use FL Studio 8!