Reviews for "Castle of Tears: Bloodlines"

dunno if its better...

i loved the original, but this version just seems quieter and more supressed, the orginal seem alot louder to me as well... may just be me though :\

Not impressed.

Didn't do anything for me.


I like old version a lot more. Too many added elements spoiled previous track. I don't think it's easy ( or even possible ) to make Castle of tears any better.

stolen or allowed by another user?

This was either stolen or you had the rights to remix it, because ive already seen this on another site from where it came from originally. If you made this, great, if not, then this should not get ANY credit to you. besides, I enjoyed your more original songs like, " Rose at Twilight" wayyyy better than this. I WILL give you credit for a remade version of this OC Remix version, however, as it shows clarity better than the original, and it was softer than this.

all in all, nobody can do better than the OC Remix group, but the effort shows you care about the music, and thats what matters more. 4/10 stars

pretty good :D

gotta say, pretty awesome