Reviews for "Gweedo vs Power Puff Girl"

I admit that I only like this because of the music. I've seen the recent "Powerpuff Girls" reboot and it hasn't gotten better at all. While not personally one of my favorite CN shows, it's still nice to see a tribute. Yeah, the animation wasn't that good here. It was at least nice to see these characters. They were making a lot of these cartoons back then.

It was certainly goofy. You could have put something besides normal text at the beginning. It's still pretty creative. Weird to have Sedusa here. She didn't appear that often.

That was the weirdest thing I've seen in in awhile. ANyone else disturbed by the "Buttercup" thing?

Haha.... Rigth in the childhood xD

Whata A Waste

i dont know what i just watched, but ill take it
also on a side note, i never liked the ppg theme, not enough instruments (or too much girl singing?)