Reviews for "Gweedo vs Power Puff Girl"

are you ok or you were drunk making this...

ya i thought it wasnt the best but i gotta admit that the graphics were good and gweedo made me laugh but the next flash you make ad more humor.

aaawwwww man

i dont get any sense from this video i dont see gweedo anywhere in this video and buttercup is just a giant clothes????? wat the heck is this video about


the only reason i gave this a good score is cuz i cant help but give a good number to assasinations or stuf of ppg

Uh.....wierd..... and........ freaky.......

I am a fan of PPG and I understand most thing but that just did'nt make any since. Buttercup was a jiant, I did'nt see a Gweedo(Unless Buttercup was), and Buttercup had a 99 cent tag on her head.

what drew me to watch?

i dont mind the powerpuff girls, nice little cartoon for young children, a parady of it sounded cool. but this sucked balls (gave you a 6 for the song because i like it) :)