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Reviews for "-Naive-"


This is crazy!

And awesome!

Nice work!

Waterflame responds:

lol thanks :D

Not a fan of the trance scene...

However, i dropped by to be fair (and first dibs!)

Not a proffessional on this stuff however this is really cheerful (not my thing) and the many uses of synths make this a defenite cut above man!

5/5 and-- OH DAMM SUN IZ DAT SOME TRIPP??? --10/10

Naive urgghhh the PINK

Fluffy techno is fluffy for wapanese furries.
very well made.
The hop skip groove round the end is quite enjoyable, I must say.

Check out my latest few. Wooootz

Waterflame responds:

Sure thing! haha... thanks X)

Nais :P

Elsker dine happy sanger :) Denne var jo bare dritkul dah xD

Waterflame responds:

takk takk :D


I think the song was extremely well put together, and thought that the only thing it should have is... well, nothing really, I thought it was great! DL'ed! :D

Waterflame responds:

haha, thank you :D