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Reviews for "-Naive-"

this is one of those songs that grows on you

every time i hear this i like it more! its like i just had 50 cups of coffee. I hope no epileptic people listen to this XD.


Yea it's got that aspect of happiness =) It takes somthing in music to make you feel happy just by listening. You nailed it. Good job.

< ^ V < < V > V > ^ ^ < V > ^ < DDR

I'm just imagining skidding around flinging my arms around... Yes, I have issues.

I can see being high while listening to this.

Like LiquidEvolution said, if you listened to this while high, you would be practically mental. Dancing flowers with tutu's, dogs with funny hats and lots and lots and lots of SUGAR. I'm glad you're back making more songs Waterflame, you always seem to make the happiest of songs even though you have a lot of darker ones :D

Good job man, 10/10 and 5/5 :)

Made me giggle?

*Gigglz* :3

God damnit, you brought out my playful side. This is like the ultimante happy song. It made me giggle for Christ's sake. Could you imagine listening to this while you were high? You would trip out like crazy. There would be clowns running at you and flowers with candy canes.. scary thought. Nah, seriously. This song is amazing. The light leads and the short percussion it has really does bring out the happiness in anyone, even murderers. I love the 4/3 at the end there, it really makes you happy. Lol, great job on this one ;D