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Reviews for "-Naive-"


great song... but I like moar control series... anyway exelent song man

:D Happy!

I love it. So peppy, happy, jumpy...*deep exhale*.... I used to be like that.... Anyway, the song is great. Downloaded, 5/5, 10/10.

An uncalled for analysis:

The song is about Beppo the Gnome running on the golden road to Sugarland, accompanied by his retinue of prancin' dancin' candy folk.

Towards the end he mounts up and rides a pink unicorn the rest of the way, but then he has a cardiac arrest and slows down, before he finally yields in despair, his pointy hat toppling over and landing on the border to Sugarland. :c

This is unnoticed by the others which is why the song merely slows down and doesn't become mellow.

good, but not one of your best...

the whole thing was good, except i really didnt like the end.

-keep bein awesome! w00t!

Waterflame responds:

lol thanks man XD

If I were you...

I wouldn't name it naive, but "one too many coffees".

Waterflame responds:

haha, well i dont drink coffee, so the correct name would be "one too many energy drinks"